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Xbox Cloud Saving

First, make sure you have installed Save Game Pro Xbox Cloud integration successfully.

Save Game Pro uses Xbox Connected Storage to save and load data in Xbox (when the integration is installed, otherwise it will use PlayerPrefs on this platform which uses simple key-value pair storage that is too limited for persisting game data).

First, you need to sign in the user, to do so you can use the Xbox Gamepad ID as user ID, here is a sample on how to do so: (For more information check out this guide: Unity Prefabs and Scripted Sign-in)

Now you need to first create a Storage and a Container:

Here is a simple usage example of Connected storage save:

As you can see, these operations are Async, so you need to use Coroutines (IEnumerator) to complete these operations.
Now here is how to do a simple load:

Deleting data:

Delete container:

For more information, check out the working example included in the Examples folder of Save Game Pro named Xbox Cloud Storage. (This example has been made by a partner, not by Bayat Games)


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