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Save Game Pro is a professional and awesome save system for almost any game.

This package includes a feature-rich API that can do anything for you, for example, you can Save, Load, Delete, Move or Copy saved data by calling just some simple methods.

The main structure of Save Game Pro is saving a value by an identifier, so most of the API will follow this rule to manage their functionally, for example, the Save method has an identifier and value argument, that the identifier specifies the location of value for next operations, such as deleting, loading, moving, …

Here is the folder structure of Save Game Pro, that describes each folder usage and details: (All of these folders are inside BayatGames/SaveGamePro)

  • Editor: Editor Scripts and Tools
  • Examples: Plenty of Examples to help you get started easier and faster
  • Integration: The available integrations that can be installed
  • PlayMaker: PlayMaker integration folder if installed
    • Actions: The Save Game Pro PlayMaker Actions
      • Firebase: The Firebase integration PlayMaker Actions
      • PlayFab:¬†The PlayFab integration PlayMaker Actions
      • Web: The Save Game Pro Web PlayMaker Actions
  • Scripts: The main source code of Save Game Pro API
    • Events: Common Save & Load Events
    • Extensions: Extension methods for others Classes and Objects
    • IO: Input-Output, the Core API for manipulating with input data, output, and storage
    • Networking: Cloud saving and loading, includes PlayFab and Firebase integration if installed
    • Serialization: The Core API for data serialization
    • Utilities: Plenty Useful APIs (most of them are used internally by Save Game Pro)


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