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Supported Types

Here is a list of Types that Save Game Free supports for Saving and Loading:

  • Numeric types: Integral types, Floating-point types, decimal
  • Structs: Not all, just simple ones, for example it does not supports Vector3, but supports some custom and simple structs
  • Boolean
  • String and Char
  • Custom Types, such as custom data classes or custom data structures, not UnityEngine.Object types
  • Almost all Collections, such as Arrays, Lists, Dictionaries, …

And workarounds for commonly used types:

  • Color
  • Color32
  • Vector2
  • Vector3
  • Vector4
  • Mesh
  • Quaternion

For these types, you should convert the original type to one of these types:

  • ColorSave
  • Color32Save
  • Vector2Save
  • Vector3Save
  • Vector4Save
  • MeshSave
  • QuaternionSave

For just Saving and Loading, not for using in the Game.

Also, Save Game Free does not supports any UnityEngine Object types, such as MonoBehaviours, Components, etc.

In this case, you should save the fields and properties you want to save and load.

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